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05/03/05 - Looking to expand upon your exercise routine with a unique workout used by martial arts and military fitness experts to world over? Try clubbells, says new online resource Clubbell Exercise (

"Clubbells are great circular strength training tools," said a spokesperson for the site. "Weighted clubs have been used around the world for centuries by bodybuilders and warriors as a method for building strength while maintaining flexibility, and the modern clubbell is no exception. The clubbell workout will definitely challenge you to test your limits."

In addition to clubbells, site visitors can also find clubbell exercise books, clubbell training DVD's and videos available for online purchase.

"Our goal is to become the ultimate online resource for clubbells," the spokesperson added. "The clubbell workout is fast becoming popular with fitness enthusiasts around the world, and we intend to provide an authoritive online resource for those who wish to try it out for themselves."

To find out more about clubbells, please visit Clubbell Exercise on the web at

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Clubbell Exercise was launched in 2005 to serve as an online resource for information on clubbells, clubbell training and exercises, and related products including DVDs, videos, and books.

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