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07/18/08 - Looking to get started working out with clubbells and want to save money getting set up? Clubbell Exercise ( is now featuring starter bundles with savings of up to $50 on clubbell, book and training DVD packages.

"These starter bundles are the perfect way to get started working out with clubbells," said a spokesperson for the website. "There are several different bundles to choose from, and each offers a significant savings over purchasing the items individually."

In addition to clubbells, Clubbell Exercise also features a large selection of training DVDs, instruction books, and related fitness equipment and accessories.

For more information on discount clubbells, please visit Clubbell Exercise Training on the web at:

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Clubbell Exercise was launched in 2005 to serve as an online resource for information on clubbells, clubbell training and exercises, and related products including DVDs, videos, and books.

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