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Starter Bundles a Great Introduction to Clubbells

Clubbell Combo Packages Offer Great Starter Setup at a Lower Price

07/22/08 - Looking to get started working out with clubbells but don’t want to break the budget buying all the equipment you’ll need? Clubbell Exercise ( is now featuring clubbell starter bundles, pairing clubbells with training books and DVDs at a lower price point than if sold separately.

"The clubbell starter bundles are a great way to get started working out with clubbells," said a spokesperson for the site. "Included is everything you’ll need to get started working out using proper technique and learning proper exercise forms with clubbells."

The starter bundles, which come in both single and double clubbell packages, are available with heavy or light weight clubbells and include The Big Book of Clubbell Training, as well as the Clubbell Training for Circular Strength and Intu-Flow training DVDs.

For more information on clubbells, please visit Clubbell Exercise Training on the web at:

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Clubbell Exercise was launched in 2005 to serve as an online resource for information on clubbells, clubbell training and exercises, and related products including DVDs, videos, and books.

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Clubbells Starter Bundles w/DVD!
Clubbells Starter Bundle with DVD!
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